Federal Express, Ups, IBM, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, each one of these brands understands that their logo is their face, the thing that people recognize them by. They also understand that this logo/face will be directly associated with their triumphs and their failures. They each had to create a persona/personality/lifestyle, and once one was created they had to stick to the core of what people recognized.

As I make the rounds through my daily web check ins I get somewhat disturbed. There is a core few groups of sites that have maintained the usage of their logo since their inception even when the site changes, and continue to build equity in their brand. Although there are quite a few more that change logos every time the site changes or every time it is updated. Even still I see the same thing when it comes to musicians. Each CD they release they take as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, logo and all. How will anyone ever recognize or identify with these ever revolving logos? How will they ever build equity in their brand? In a world where constant reinvention seems to take president over all, we may very well be looking at the slow death of consistent logos and the birth of the ever-revolving one.

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