Josh Rubin who runs popular site CoolHunting will be appearing at the Future Marketing Summit presented by IF! in New York City on February 23rd. We asked him some questions.

Where do you get your inspiration from? (Q. by Gareth Kay) I get my inspiration from the details. I believe there are no new ideas, just great executions.

What is the biggest but most ignored trend you see? (Q. by Gareth Kay)

If it's a trend then it's not being ignored, is it?

Are new wave trend spotters a competitive or complementary to the established trend firms? Both. The traditional trending firms tend to have a longer term focus and less frequent deliverables to their clients—this works for many large corporations. For smaller or more nimble organizations, and those with rapid product development, the ‘new wave' is more valuable. Consumer demand is changing more frequently these days, making it harder to keep up using traditional methods which means there will be more competition (or collaboration) between models in the near future.

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