Remy Chevalier mailed us a tip off about this vest that keeps you a cool 15 degrees C (59F) and can recharge in 20 minutes.

RPCM follows the definition of a “GREEN” chemical has been developed by the U.S. Department of Interior. That definition of a “GREEN” chemical:

* Must NOT contain *'carcinogens', **'mutagens', or ***'teratogens'. *carcinogen = cancer-causing agent

**mutagen = any agent, such as ultraviolet light, radioactive element, or chemical ingredient which can induce or increase the frequency of mutation in an organism

***teratogens = (According to “American Heritage”), any agent such as virus, a drug, or radiation, that adversely affects and causes malformations of a developing embryo or fetus ). * Must NOT contain any ozone depleting compounds, greenhouse gases or substances that contribute to smog * Must have a chemical P.H. between 4 and 9. * Must NOT be corrosive or irritating to the skin or eyes. * V.O.C. levels must meet or be less volatile than the California Code of Regulations maximum allowable V.O.C. level for various categories. * Must NOT be delivered in aerosol cans with a petrochemical propellant. * Must NOT contain petrochemical-derived fragrances. * Must NOT contain dyes. * Must be dispensed through automatic systems in order to reduce employee contact with chemicals. * Must NOT contain any chemicals under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. * Must NOT constitute hazardous wastes. * Must NOT contain arsenic, lead, cadium, cobalt, chromium, mercury, zinc, nickel and/or selenium. * Must NOT contain petroleum distillates. * Must NOT be “combustible”. * Must be “Biodegradable”. * Must be “Bio-based”. * Must NOT contain chlorinated solvents. * Must NOT contain persistent or bio-accumulative substances.

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