First lets give Disney its due credit. They continue to make movies kids love. For a long time now they have stuck with a formula and it works. They make movies for kids and they make them very well. But it’s what happens after the movies leave the theater that’s what needs to be applauded. They do something no other movie going to DVD or Video does. They leave movies out for a limited time only. Then those movies go into the vault for years. What is even more amazing on their part is how long they send these movies away into their vault, ten years. Wow, so by the time Disney takes a movie out of their vault, children who where six or seven at the time of the original release are now sixteen or seventeen. We all know that children can’t wait for new movies once they come to DVD/Video and we all know that leads to kids begging/bribing their parents. Garbage’s across the homes of the world will be empty. If that is not enough for a parent to run out and get their child a movie, knowing that their child will miss out on that magic that Disney movies bring to children certainly will. Cause Mickey knows that when they’re sixteen they won’t want any part of it.

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