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PSFK considers changing its trend name; lots of papers run stories that consider the power of the web

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 5 april 2006

We really have to stop talking about the ‘Death Of The Newspaper’ and start calling this mesh of citizen journalism and human & algorithm editing something else. (Hmmm, how about ‘WEdia’?). Anyway, Yahoo carries a story about citizen journalism:

With a new blog created every second, some media futurists have predicted that "citizen journalists" will be producing half of the world’s news by 2021. Just 51.6 percent of American adults read a daily newspaper in 2005, down from 58.6 percent in 1998

One local South Carolina newspaper’s website leverages the power of community:

The paper created a website with the aim of giving everyone in town a blog and serving as a community notice board. The high school principal uses it to send messages to parents. Dog lovers use it to hold informal beauty contests. And bloggers managed to kick up such a fuss over what they saw as a dangerous intersection that city officials ended up installing a stoplight.

"The system we have is the readers tell us what’s important and we don’t miss a lot of stories," [the editor] said. "We think it works because it takes readers seriously."

An initial concern with launching the blog was that readers would post inaccurate or unfair stories. But the bloggers tend to police each other, Poplin said, and the paper has only had to ban one reader for creating inappropriate posts.

Yahoo News [via MarketingVOX]

UPDATE: More articles:

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