Dubstep - a new sound emerging from London, breaking out of the formulated concepts of the dance scene, borrowing from Dub, Grime, Jungle, Trance and Reggae

The BBC Collective online magazine has an interesting feature on Dubstep – a new sound emerging from London. Trying to break free from the formulated dance scene, its roots come from UK Garage and borrows from Dub, Reggae, Jungle, Trance and Grime.

It’s a peculiar turn of events for a scene with such an apparent disinterest in crossover success. There’s none of grime’s chart-focused bling or the over-reaching ambition (albums, “proper” instruments) that dulled jungle. Anything that distracts from the music is shunned. The dancefloor at (Shoreditch club) FWD is pitch black, whilst DMZ consists of two monster speaker stacks and little else. Kode 9: “There’s one blue light. The sub-bass makes the air heavy. It’s like doing a rave 20,000 leagues underwater on the seabed. You might see some fish, sharks, maybe a dolphin.”

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