We've interviewed some fantastic interesting people over the last few weeks. Did you catch 'em all? Here's a list of them, just in case.

Interview With Kevin Dulsky, Paypal Text To Buy – about the launch of the new service Interview With Philip Rosedale, Second Life – about opportunities for brands in the virtual world Interview With Richard Winkler, Curious Pictures – about the video game collaboration Interview with Jon Paley, DCODE – about a new structure for ad agencies Interview With George Murphy, Modo Group – about the importance of brand experience and his learnings from Coke/Starbucks Interview With Ze Frank – on creativity Interview With Sascha Lewis, Flavorpill – on the rise of the creative class Interview With Edwin Wong, Yahoo! Inc. – on a new approach to search engine marketing Interview With Eli Friedman, Xbox – on youth marketing Interview With Graham Hill, Treehugger – on green trends Interview With Josh Rubin, Cool Hunting – on trend spotting

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