Two articles caught our eye on the subject – one at ZD Net and one over at the NY Times. Firstly, Mike Thompson of the Butler Group provides thoughtful advice for brands considering the idea of running a blog:

The blog should be created with a purpose in mind, and delivered with that aim as a priority throughout its life. If it is to serve as an information vehicle, then it should promote the values and ethos of the organisation in a customer-friendly and accessible manner; if it is a point of contact for business and/or trading partners, then the style and content should reflect this as well. Often, an organisation will select senior employees to spearhead the blog – examples can be seen in the vendor community, where Microsoft and Sun Microsystems can point to blogs written by thought leaders in the developmental and managerial divisions of each company. If the organisation has recognised thought leaders, then it is a good idea to encourage those individuals to take a stand on this virtual soapbox, and to give them reasonably free rein in the expression of their opinions – this is a confident image to present to the world, and gives a good chance of improving the corporate profile.

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