Unknown2Marktd is a reference system that highlights marketing articles considered valuable by the marketing community. Marketers submit articles they either write or just find on the web and other marketers vote on the value of those articles. The most popular articles reach the front page.

And it's free.


Everyone and anyone submits links to their favorite marketing stories to Marktd.com (you have to be signed up. Simple – just click here). You can be someone who just spotted something cool – or it can be from your blog or even your own press release archive( It doesn’t matter where it comes from as the community will decide what’s worth reading) Your entry gets filed in "New Marktd Stories"

New Marktd Stories

New Marktd Stories holds all the fresh marketing article-links submitted by the users of Marktd. Here you will also see links from Piers favorite blogs/sites semi-automatically. There will be a lot of articles but they can be sorted by by ‘Topic’ – by trend or marketing discipline Users can rate the article-links by voting on the article, or getting an article Marktd. If an article gets more than three votes, or Marks, the article gets promoted to "Latest Marktd News"

Latest Marktd News

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