An article in Forbes looks at how brands like the AirMax 360 sneaker from Nike use the concept of smart technology to win customers:

What it is, is smart marketing.

We live in a world where consumers line up to get the latest and greatest that innovation has to offer. And though the word “technology” usually brings to mind computers and miniature cell phones, it also applies to footwear.

At one time, our athletic kicks were reserved for just that–bouncing around on the basketball court or running on a track. But now, sneakers do a lot more than simply provide protection for our feet. New models can “sense an athlete’s needs” with computers implanted in the soles, keep feet from getting too sweaty with microholes or even keep a person “in balance” with strategically placed magnets. And if all else fails, at least they look cool. It’s all part of the package shoemakers are offering to lure consumers. And apparently it’s working.

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