Could the iPod run the Macintosh operating system and therefore become your laptop?

The Post Money Value blog has posted an email from Pete Field that looks at the opportunity for running the Apple computer operating system OS-X on an iPod. Pete says:

I was struck by the possibility that they could run OS-X on a 32-bit ARM with very little changes to the OS… I see the potential for Media mode and computer mode.

Pete suggests that with a flick of a switch a future iPod could go from media player to mini-computer.

So… if we take this concept a little further and consider that a future iPod will be WiFi enabled and the majority of your media and software can be stored on a virtual iDisk that can be pulled at will anywhere, anytime – then your iPod will become your portable computer if you can just find a keyboard (or input device) and a display device (or just use the existing screen).

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