Ipodphonefig3A patent describes a wireless iPod that can download media and web information.

We’ve talked before about the concept of accessing any media anywhere via a wireless device. Now, Macsimum News site points to a patent filed in December 2004 by Apple that has just come to light. The patent describes a WiFi enabled iPod that can download media and web information. Macsimum News summarises the invention:

The invention pertains to techniques for identifying and/or purchasing digital media items by using a wireless non-transfer device (a “portable wireless device”). These techniques can allow a user of a portable wireless device to identify a digital media item on an online media store and mark it for download… Digital media items available for purchase and download can include a variety of media file types, including audio (e.g., MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, etc.), video (AVI, QuickTime, etc.), electronic book (eBook), as well as others. Digital media items can include music singles and music videos, for example. Additionally, ring tones and graphics associated with the digital media item can also be purchased.

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