Mirage Innovations has developed a lightweight, compact and affordable personal video display device for use with portable media players, game consoles, cellular phones and PDAs.

Glasses that projects the screen of your laptop or PDA may sound like one of the most geeky inventions ever (the sort of thing, soon to be appearing in Sharper Image, if you know what we mean) – but we're quite excited about it.

Of course the first thing we think about when we think of video screen glasses is that scene when the Terminator gets on the subway and cruches some future cyber-punk's eye-piece into his skull; but the second thing we think of is the park. Or is it the beach? You see the biggest enemy of consumer electronics is actually the sun. You can't call the boss and say you're working from home when you're in the park because you can't keep an eye on your IM when the sun is blazing down on your tanning skin.

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