You probably already have that nice message on your customer service calls that tells the in-calling customers that you’re recording this call to maintain quality. But do you know that you may not be the only one recording the call?

Technology such as VOIP allows customers to record calls to customer service centers and even publish those files onto the web when they don’t get they service they expect. Here’s a story from GenDirect on how an AOL customer got her own back.

How desperate is AOL when it comes to holding on to its valuable customer accounts. The story of 30-year old Vincent Ferrari is making the rounds around the blogosphere and even business channel CNBC picked up the story last night. Here’s how it goes. Vincent heard from friends on the Internet that calling up AOL to cancel an account can be a very tough thing to do. (I’ll get into how this relates to teens and college kids in a minute). Vincent was smart enough to record his phone conversation with the AOL customer service rep just in case the call didn’t go as planned. Guess what? The call didn’t go smoothly and AOL is on the defensive big time. To put it in context at one point during the recorded conversation, the AOL customer service rep asks 30-year Vincent if his dad is home, yikes. After the recording ended up circulating around the Internet and blogosphere, AOL quickly took action and issued Vincent a formal apology.

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