The curator Marko Tandefelt dropped us a line about a new design exhibition SAUMA at the World Financial Center. SAUMA features experimental innovative prototypes, interfaces and design processes from leading Finnish designers. SAUMA projects include:

The Assassin soccer shoe by Freedom of Creation/Janne Kyttanen/P2L, new Genelec portable speaker proto by Harri Koskinen/Genelec, Flat Light lamp prototype by Ilkka Suppanen, TileToy wireless toy by Tuomo Tammenpaa & Daniel Blackburn, Graphic Concrete printing method by Samuli Naamanka, KOE kitchen proto by Esa Vesmanen/Puredesign, Takkiainen jacket by Aamu Song/Johan Olin/Com-Pa-Ny, City Wipeout interactive Installation by Pasi Kolhonen, AIR olfactory installation (fragnances for Helsinki, Budapest and Paris) by Hilda Kozari etc, Girasol flexible solar cell jacket for kayaking by Kari Sivonen/Valvomo etc, Hot & Cool Sauna concept by Pentagon Design etc.

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