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We’ve started spotting fashion shoots everywhere! Like found art they appear in front of us in the most bizarre places.The purpose of a fashion shoot...

Simon King, London Denim
  • 23 june 2006

We’ve started spotting fashion shoots everywhere! Like found art they appear in front of us in the most bizarre places.

The purpose of a fashion shoot is to create a visual narrative which communicates a look, a style evokes a feeling within the viewer. The best fashion shoots I’ve been involved with had a core vision which the photographer, hair, make-up, stylist and model all bought into. But how does this vision change when online?

We’re starting to compile a list of the very best online fashion shoots. Next its over to YOU to suggest others. Our only criteria is that you give us a paragraph why you have recommended them to the list. Next week this will become a masthead item for the next couple of months. We’re so interested in the development in this area that we’re persuaded London Denim to give a pair of jeans to the person who suggests the shoot which in our view is the most outstanding of the month!

We’ve identified three types of online shoot so far,  here are some examples:

The Collaborative Photoshoot.

Photoshoots are by nature a collaboration but the online medium allows photo shoots to become global collaborations with a cast of millions. We think the shoot that has made best use of this multi-media medium to re-invent the photoshoot so far is the Moving Fashion project at Nick Knights Showstudio.

Moving Fashion – Glen Luchford taking Gemma Ward under water, Sam McKnight’s washing line Galliano Wrap, Lily Cole giving her personal life insurance broker a heart attack by climbing without supports and Snoopy dressed in Miu Miu dancing to the Pet Shop Boys are only a few of the wonderful visions moving fashion presents us with.

Moving Fashion

Traditional Photoshoot mixed into Multi-Media

Take a traditional photoshoot and bring it to life online is what Lee at has been doing for some time. It looks like the rest of the world loves what he is doing with everyone everywhere now reading Hintmag but when will they catch on?

Hintmag’s latest offering Rapture is nothing short of the most perfect example of how a traditional glossy photoshoot should be taken into a multi-media environment. This fusion of all media types titillates the scenes and is online photoshoots at their best. The visual treat is coupled with interaction in finding the moving part which enables you to move through the shoot. Go to the Hintmag front page and click on rapture. LOVE the soundtrack by Robot.


The Found Art Photoshoot

OK so this is a bit of a weird one but stay with us. Every day we are bombarded with images from the web, we look through flicker then when looking at models cards, stylist websites we find pictures which we view in succession which have a direct relationship with each other, a story evolves, sometimes this story is in your own mind sometimes it comes because of the common root of the pictures. I found this one and it moved me.

Corrine Day is perhaps the most honest fashion photographer of our time even though she’s not been active in the fashion field for the past 10 years. Go to this page, look at the photos down the left hand side then the three photos in the middle from left to right ending on Kate Moss. We challenge you not to be moved.

Corrine Day

We’re really looking forward to seeing your suggestions.  Please eMail them to:

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