rugby review

rugby review

JC Reports has a great review of Rugby, the latest channel from Ralph Lauren.

Guy Brighton
  • 15 june 2006

We may all be watching the beautiful game but JC Report gives us some balance with this great review of Rugby, the latest channel from Ralph Lauren.

It’s a multi-layered story at Rugby. The staff is a band of alarmingly well-styled, super-attractive, multi-culturals… Beyond the staff, the clothes are also worthy of gawking and consuming. There are preppy blazers, printed dresses, and dress pants for those who can’t unleash themselves from the Lauren tradition. But it’s the items with a youthful English public school feel that are the most appealing. A gorgeous group of double take-inducing pants and shorts in pink or tan oxford, cloth strewn with navy blue skulls; washed-out cable knit sweaters in pink, blue, and green; ultra-distressed plaid shirts; and of course, rugby shirts with randomly placed patches, are only some of the sportswear offerings in the store.

Rugby can be found on University & 12th Street, New York

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