A new survey from Nokia reports.

ok, ok – it looks like one of those reports PR agencies create to make news – but it's still interesting to look at these figures reported in Mobile Entertainment in light of the Battle For The Bulge trend we bang on about. A new survey from Nokia says:

Two thirds of people globally say a music-enabled mobile phone will replace their dedicated MP3 player, according to research from Nokia… What's more, one in two people are already using a mobile phone as their main camera, while a third are using it for surfing the web… Specifically, 44 per cent of respondents use a mobile phone as their primary camera, with India being home to the most prolific mobile photographers (68 per cent of respondents)… Furthermore, 36 per cent of respondents claim they are browsing the web on their mobile devices at least once a month. Japan leads the way in mobile Internet usage, with 37 per cent claiming to go online on a daily basis… Finally, 42 per cent of respondents want their printer, PC, stereo, TV and mobile device interconnected.

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