With Superman opening this weekend, Warner Bros. is using alternative ways to reach its audience from Myspace pages to commercials with Shaquille O'Neal during the NBA Finals.

Modifying the MySpace design to have a Superman look is a great way to promote the upcoming movie. MySpace is currently the 5th most popular site in the world and has a young demographic that goes to the movies quite often, when they aren't downloading them. This campaign is far more effective then just a standard banner ad, and probably cost a lot more money too. There are tons of ads on MySpace, but how many of them do people even notice or click on? With this campaign they effectively modified the design of MySpace's homepage encouraging your eyes to look at the background and characters in the movie. The background is like eye candy thus creating an effect that makes you want to find out what all the fuss is about. This emotion will most likely end in a click on a Superman ad.

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