Is StumpleUpon The Digg For The Rest Of Us?


Digg appeals to Tech people because it cushions their loneliness and helps hidden egos thrive. But is it as useful for the rest of us?

Guy Brighton
  • 20 august 2006

Like many other independent online publisher, for a long time we have tried to leverage the popularity of Digg by adding our fave content to Digg and by allowing others to add content with that +Digg link down below.

Did it help? Did it duck. Check here.

The only article on the PSFK sites that got more than a dozen Diggs was an article written by Digg-traffic-meister Ozgur Alaz. So we’re beginning to think that Digg is not for us.

Probably the main reason our articles on Digg aren’t popular is that, despite its expansion, Digg is largely a tech site – our content doesn’t match.

Secondly, we’ve come to a theory that the folk who read PSFK-like content aren’t like the people who get off on Digg. The voting, or Digging, mechanism on Digg allows the best Diggers to become stars across the world in the tech community. Maybe people Digg because they crave this sort of attention – ‘scuse the stereotyping, but if we sat in a dark cubicle or bedroom all day and all night, we’d want some love too. But PSFK readers – do they care about such adoration? Probably not. Yeah, some do – but we’d imagine that PSFK readers have pretty good real life social networks already – and Noah & Piers’ Likemind coffee morning hints that PSFK readers are more than willing to meet people face to face. We don’t know if the geeks operate like that. To put it simply, Digg appeals to Tech people because it cushions their loneliness and helps hidden egos thrive.

The other reason why Digg might not be the site for us is that we are being whacked with hits from StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a toolbar that sits on your browser and helps you find new sites based on your profile, your votes and others’ votes. When we did a search to try to find the code for a +StumbleUpon button we found loads and loads of bloggers singing StumbleUpon’s praises. To us it’s a good sign: instead of the media-hype Digg is generating, StumbleUpon is making user-hype.

So – we’re not going to remove the +Digg link just yet, but as soon as someone gives us that +StumbleUpon code – it’s history.

Go try StumbleUpon. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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