Marketing 2.0

Henry Lambert
  • 18 august 2006

The main forms of marketing 2.0 strategy (that replace ‘messaging’) are as follows:

1. personalisation: eg Nike iD, Top Shop advisors, first direct service

2. co-creation; eg Wikipedia, Lego Factory, Amazon reviews

3. cascades and crazes; eg iPod, Gmail invites, YouTube

4. social connections; Friends Reunited, MySpace, Facebook

5. community and clans; inNYC card, Starbucks ‘perk up your life’, Red Bull

6. causes and values: Dove, Toyota Prius, Amex Red

7. crowd and awe experiences: Selfridges Vegas Supernova, O2 Wireless festival, Nike Run London

8. concept innovation & customer education: Flora Activ, Budweiser Day Fresh, Nike Free

9. brand JVs: Nike/iPod, Levis/iPod, U2/iPod…

10. Folksy grassrootsiness: Innocent, Google ‘lucky’ button, from ‘reality’ TV to YouTube

For many of these examples the business is the brand; the distinction between innovation and marketing ideas is becoming irrelevant and sometimes it is enough ‘just to be Google’.

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