Interview with thehappycorp

Interview with thehappycorp
Industrial Brand
  • 11 september 2006

2. Tell us about LVHRD? Why are you doing these events? Why is a ‘creative agency’ interested in producing such events?

LVHRD is a test. It was given to us by someone we respect. We’ll let you know how we do when we finish it. Until now, it has helped us more than it has hurt us, so we will keep at it. We’d love to see you at more of the events, and we challenge those to find their way in. For us it’s like any other assignment, be it a client brief or an internal project, we work really hard to satisfy all it’s stakeholders.

3. What did you draw upon to inspire you for this project.

We were inspired by the versatility of cardboard, the speed of a text message, and the desirability of a secret. We enjoy a new perspective on old things. We enjoy the drama of live sport, and we like to meet new people.

4. Why did you use these inspirations? What human emotions do they play upon that you felt necessary for this project?

It is natural when throwing events that you play upon the basic human emotions of friendship and sociability. Competition is another human emotion that we play with. We found that many of the world’s interest and passion lies in the arena of competition, but it is rare that people of creative industries get the chance to take the stage and prove their mettle in the rawest form of creativity that inspires the industry in which they work. This takes many shapes, but always displays the passion and raw creativity of the individuals.

5. In your day to day work – how often do you feel inspired? Is it important to be inspired?

Work is a relative term. As we begin to align our ability with the problems that we are asked to solve, inspiration is often the line drawn between our own stupidity and our willingness to try very hard. We often find partners without the money or experience to buy their own success (which is usually true when working for fortune 500 companies), but their ideas and their gumption are often enough to inspire us. We thrive on seeing our partners succeed, when our shared ideas find there way to the marketplace and return the necessary profits. Of course, another way to do this is to have a party every friday with our clients and friends to the tune of a keg of Brooklyn Brewery Beer.

6. How do you kick start your off-days: How do you find inspiration?

We take naps. Often an OFF day is created by an ON day. A day that ended the next day. So really an OFF day is really an ON day that went to long. We have toyed with polyphasic sleep cycles, but offsetting sleep cycles to allow for the necessary sleeping quarters made this option problematic. We are currently working on a time machine built with donated clocks so that we can relive our best days. We are just 76 clocks away from completing it. If you wanna help us along send your broken clock to 56 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012 c/o the time machine. Your donation will earn you a free ride in it when we are finished.

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