Interview with Anastasia of Ypulse

Interview with Anastasia of Ypulse

PSFK recently spoke with the founder of Ypulse, Anastasia Goodstein, about the current state of independent media, technology, teenagers and Ypulse - an idependent blog updated daily with news commentary...

Jeff Squires
  • 21 september 2006

2.  To what extent is the publishing you do your business or a shop-front
for your employer? How has that changed over the last year?

Very little. I deliberately kept Ypulse and Current pretty separate
because Ypulse tends to focus more on teens and tweens although I do
cover the span of Gen Y up to age 25. Currents target demo is 18-34.
And while Current hired me because of my blog, they never really
leveraged it for their own benefit.

3.  Beyond any financial reward, what do you get out of it all? What drives

What drives me are the simple emails I periodically get that don’t ask
me for anything but are from people who just say, Thank you, what
you’re doing is so helpful to my work. It’s incredibly
validating….and bloggers just want to be loved, right?

I’ve gotten so much out of launching Ypulse — from the opportunity to
help launch Current TV to speaking opportunities in Germany and SXSW to
a book deal. Most of all, I’ve gotten to know myself pretty well and
was able to find my voice. I was surprised at how strong it became
after two + years of blogging.

4.  Are you conscious of YOU the brand as much as your site/magazine? Do
you leverage the fact?

Yes. Very much so. I give interviews all the time now as an expert on
teen media and marketing. My book is all about "brand me" and my voice.
I am hoping to make Totally Wired = Anastasia Goodstein and introduce
it into the vernacular people use when they talk about teens. The teens
who blog for Ypulse just started using it in sentences without any
prompting from me!

5.  How do you view the other independent publishers that cover the same
content areas as you?

Copycats. Just kidding. Imitation is the best form of flattery and
pushes you to innovate. Since I started, my list on the righthand side
of Ypulse of "blogs by adults about teens" has steadily expanded.
What’s so great about blogging is that it’s just as much about voice
and personality as it is about content. I bring a unique mix of
non-profit youth media experience and commercial teen media experience
as well as a strong ethics bent. They may have some of the same content
but very different voices, personalities and perspectives.

6.  How is mainstream media covering your content areas? Is there a
noticeable reaction to what you and your peers are doing?

The mainstream media has been covering it like crazy, which is good for
links, but frustrating to have to wait until March to get my take out
there (with the book) on teens and tech, especially with the moral
panic they have helped stir up around sites like MySpace. They have
also joined the Gen Y blogosphere — USA Today launched a GenNext and
CNET launched Digital Kids.

7.  How is your world going to change over the next 12 months?

I get to wear my PJs longer. Drink even more copious amounts of coffee.
Spend more time with my Boxer. Be my own boss. I think it’s going to be
a scary, exciting roller coaster ride. I will either succeed
fantastically (just enough would be ok, too) or realize being on my own
isn’t really for me and look for another full time gig. All I know is I
have to try…

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