PSFK recently chatted with Ben Lerer, Co-Founder of thrillist about the current state of independent media and where his publication fits into it all. Thrillist is a free, daily email...

2.  To what extent is the publishing you do your business or your shop-front? How has that changed over the last year?

Our content is all we have. Every penny we make is a result of advertisers liking our voice and liking the audience that likes our voice. It hasn’t changed and I don’t think it will ever change.

3.  Beyond any financial reward, what do you get out of it all? What drives you?

Beyond money? NOTHING. Seriously though, we’re living the dream. There’s no better feeling than watching something you’ve created grow and have a life of its own. I also love covering a small company/restaurant/etc and getting an email from them telling us that we’ve changed their business. We’re one of the little guys too, so we like to help other little guys when we have the chance.

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