The Future of Online Advertising

The Future of Online Advertising
Henry Lambert
  • 20 september 2006

A recurring theme on the PSFK sites has been how we will use the internet more effectively for marketing communications. A constant frustration is the predictability of the banner ad and the clichéd nature of virals.

HSBC have come up with an innovative answer to the online conundrum. In order to provide customers, or indeed anyone with sound financial advice, they have recruited a panel of experts to produce a webcast that discusses the most important issues in property. Not only that, the audience can ask questions of the panel who are made up of industry experts including a surveyor, financial advisor, estate agent and solicitor.

The value of this is that it’s not an interuptive advert that the audience is forced to watch. Instead HSBC are providing a genuinely useful service to consumers and allowing a dialogue to take place.

You can view the webcast for yourself here.

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