The Online T-Shirt Revolution – The T-Post Interview

The Online T-Shirt Revolution – The T-Post Interview

There is a T-Shirt revolution underway online. This is Alex Singh's third interview in the series. This time Alex catches up with Peter Lundgren, CEO...

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  • 23 september 2006

There is a T-Shirt revolution underway online.  This is Alex Singh’s third interview in the series. This time Alex catches up with Peter Lundgren,  CEO and Editor in Chief of T-Post whose unique T-Business revolves arround creating graphic t-shirts commenting on news stories sold via subscription.  Every month a new T pops through your door just like a newspaper!  We hope these interviews will give our readers a complete picture of the first Web 2.0 fashion companies out there.  Alex will also set up his own Web 2.0 T-Shirt project the progress of which he’ll track on his blog ‘Flavour Comes First‘.

For the complete set of interviews click the T Shirt Revolution link.

Interview 3 – T-Post

1) We’ve noticed you’re trying to communicate news – are you a fashion brand or are you a media company?

I would say that we are a little bit of both. We use fashion to communicate news.

2) Can you explain the inspiration behind the direction of your business?

A lot of really important stories (big or small) get forgotten amongst all other media buzz and T-posts task, as we se it, is to pic up those stories so people get another chans to discuss them through our T-shirts.

3) What are the ideals behind your product(s)?

We´re trying to fighting for the little guy… and through our eyes reflect on the world as a whole and try to keep a happy face.

4) What keeps you coming back each day rather than calling it quits and doing something else?

I get to make T-shirts about what I believe is important to tell people about (big or small).

5) What was that one inspirational and motivating spark that invigorated you and pushed you over the edge – to go ahead and just "do it"?

It´s always been pretty easy for me to throw myself into projects that I believe in, some crash an

burn, others succeed, but if I must name one thing I would say it was the challenge to combine interesting news and fashion that pushed me over the edge.

6) Are there any plans to shake up what you’re doing right now? Any plans down the road? Where are you striving to have the business at in the future?

We´ve just gone throue a face lift of T-post product, web page and changed the T-shirt to American Apparel. But down the line I can see that we will have the opportunity for our subscribers to chose a specific genre like for example news specifically about Politics, Sports, Music et.c.

7) From a fashion perspective where does this go?

We always try to come up with new fresh designers that is groundbreaking and is suitable for our story. But in the end it´s all about what we like for the time being. We´re not a slave under the latest trends, but as everybody we cant help from being inspired by them from time to time. If you like what we have done in the past you wont be disappointed. It´s just like listening to a specific movie critic that you know got the same taste of moves as you. And sometimes that critic takes you to movies that you wouldn’t have gone to, but afterwards you were glad you did.

8) How about from a media perspective?

We´re just focusing on picking up interesting stories and making nice looking T-shirts. Hopefully people will like them and will tell more people.

9) You’ve done tees – what is the next thing you’re going to develop?

That it´s possible for our subscribers to choose different models for each delivery. It could be that you can get a Tank-top one time and a huddie the next.

10) What current trends have you noticed affecting T-Post?

The growing scale of the intelligent consumer have helped us a lot. They no longer can be fooled by a print campaigning into believing something is cool, that intact have no meaning. They are looking for things that are genuine. People tend to want to have another layer on the things they wear. It could be that "my grandfather wore this jacket in the war" or to wear my favourite band on my T-shirt which will say a bit of who I am.

11) We haven’t seen a lesbian or gay couple in your gallery – is this something you’ll do the future?*

We have actually that on our schedule. In the beginning we wanted to show that we got both men and women T-shirts, but I think every have realised that now…;)

12) What’s the most passionate and invigorating part of the business for you?*

It´s to read our subscribers reactions when they get them in the mail or how they have had a

discussions over a specific issue. Or things like I read on a blog yesterday, that subscribers seem to connect with other subscribers they se on the street, almost as the are part of the same secret club or something.

13) We can’t find anyone whom you compete against – who are your

I guess that it´s other T-shirt sites that sell T-shirts over the internet with a thoughtful idea behind the print.

14) Do you plan on giving your customers any control over your business at all?

Yep, our next step is to give all visitors and subscribers a chance to pitch interesting news ideas on the web page.

15) You are very open about your number of subscribers – 822. Whats the philosophy behind this?*

Our idea is to present exactly how many subscribers we have in each country, state and city. We want it to be open to everybody how many els is subscribing in the same city. If we get to many subscribers in one city we are going to apply the bar entrance rule "one out one in". Just to make sure that our subscribers don´t get to meet 20 people on the way to the supermarket wearing the same T-shirt.


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