Imagine if you could see beyond what your web analytics software told you? If you could see not just where your readers came from but what they looked like and also allow them to join a network of similar minded people.

MyBlogLog allows users to take blogging to its next evolutionary stage, it allows them to see each other and become part of a network of like minded people.

“The system lets you “join” a blog or site, so you also see other people who are members of the site. If you happen to see someone you know (a friend, perhaps, or maybe an industry figure or famous person), you’ll likely want to see what other sites they have joined. (By default, you become a member of a site after you’ve visited it 10 times.) It’s a neat social networking tool and unique in that it requires no action from participants to join the sites with which they develop affiliations.” MyBlogLog Cnet Article

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