Dutch firm Tjep has redesigned part of the BBC Radio 1 studios. Check their site for some great imagery. On their site they say:

What does 1 do when designing the Radio 1 studio's? One thing is sure, 1 should use the 1. The lounge of Radio 1 is a big radio around a big 1 for gatherings in stereo. Elsewhere one can sit on 1 benches. In the studio of Radio 1 there are also big 1's that functions as lamp and radio 1. There are also antenna's that function as hatstands. Finally because of the diversity of programs that are made the atmosphere had to be suitable for news, sports programs all the way to for example late night talk-shows. We chose not to choose for 1 style by combining a lot of different style elements in the relatively small space of the Radio 1 studio's.

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