Jack Cheng is a good friend of PSFK. He designed (and coded) much of our layout and he’s helping us rework Marktd for a new launch soon. As part of our search, we asked the young creative about his take on the concept of Branded Utility.

Jack, you picked up on the concept of Branded Utility quickly on your blog. What attracted you to the concept?

Johnny Vulkan mentioned the term “branded utility” over coffee one day and I was drawn to the concept because it resonates with me on so many different levels. For a while now, I’ve been trying to convince some of my advertising friends that agencies should be doing work that’s closer to product development. My argument was that if it’s true that we have some of the most talented and insightful thinkers around, why should we limit ourselves to just advertising and just operating on the outermost layer of the brand or product? And as Ben pointed out, advertisers are spend ridiculous sums of money on making ephemeral pieces of entertainment when they even a fraction of that could be put towards creating something that communicates the brand’s messages in a more useful and permanent way. It just seems like common sense.

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