This event in London examines how great advertising can spawn a chain reaction of other advertising; whether through inspiration or pastiche.

On Monday 13 November at the Tate Modern Anson Harris of Meme London will be discussing the conventions of homage, borrowing and referencing in contemporary British art and advertising. Joining Anson Harris will be Joan Gibbons, the author of Art and Advertising.

“In this discussion, the advertising creative behind one of the campaigns inspired by Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s The Way Things Go 1986–7 meets art experts to explore the conventions of homage, borrowing, and references in contemporary visual culture. Honda’s The Cog (Wieden+Kennedy, 2003) was quickly followed by 118 118’s pastiche (Meme London), which in turn gave rise to further video clips, trailers and short films.”

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