Intel has recruited 6 known bloggers and one mystery one to write about blogging in a campaign called: Intel Centrino Duo Blogger Challenge. Rohit Bhargava tells us all about it,

Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere. For the Intel Centrino Duo Blogger Challenge, we gathered the following six bloggers together to share their views on blogs, blogging and the world:

The City Blogger – Jen Chung from The Gothamist The Gadget Blogger – Mia Kim from Popgadget The Video Blogger – Bre Pettis from Make Magazine The Mommy Blogger – Mindy Roberts from The Mommy Blogger The Tech Blogger – Paul Stamatiou from Paul Stamatiou The Food Blogger – Pim Techamuanvivit from Chezpim

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