Airline industry expansion plans will be the first test of the UK Goverment's committment to takling climate change following the announcement of the Stern report last week, according to a...

Perhaps the power of certain business and cultural trends have more to do with these predictions, as indicated in comments by Ken Livingstone after reviewing plans for the future growth of London that will restrict future runway expansions.

He says that to tackle the problem his target is not business travelers  because tickets would need to be massively more expensive to  reduce the number of flights they take. His target is the frequent leisure flier who he says are not the poor getting on the plane for the first time, but it's not that at all. "Half the population never gets on a plane. What's happening is that relatively few people, instead of going away once a year on holiday, are going three or four times a year to Barcelona or Prague or wherever. That's all very nice, but not at the cost of the continuation of life on planet Earth."

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