Wp-Content Uploads 2006 11 AdvertiserArticles in the Second Life Herald reflect the rising frustration at the Second Life flag waving of brands and their agencies like Ogilvy and Crayon.

The traditional newsmedia was hyperventilating in its awe of the old meat-space corporations and the “innovative” things they were doing in second life, and could not stop writing about it. But what were these corporations in fact contributing? Rather than use Second Life to create new and exotic things, the corporations brought their old tired ideas with them. Fantastic flying vehicles gave way to scale models of Scions and Sentras. Psychedelic builds and castles and mushroom hotels gave way to scale models of the next Starwood Hotel. Flaming jet boots gave way to scale models of Adidas. Golden battle suits gave way to American Apparel yuppieware. Giant snail races gave way to pathetic in world broadcasts of the MLB;s home run derby in a traditional looking stadium.

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