We've talked about the Slow Food Movement before and now the Independent picks up the story with a review of the recent Slow Food Festival in Turin.

The city of Turin itself has really embraced Slow Food and there's a great community spirit during the festival. The government sponsors it and the organisers help to pay for people to come over. There were Africans wandering around in bare feet and the Peruvian man, for example, had travelled 18 hours by bus just to get to the airport. He didn't speak a word of English and was being put up by a little guy in the city, a bit like those exchange holidays we did as children.

This year, 1,600 food communities were represented. Everyone from Tibetan monks who produce yak's cheese to reindeer breeders from Magadan in Russia, olive producers of Sinai and brewers from St Louis. It was a wonderful, powerful show of food communities from around the globe standing proudly and saying, what we do is important and is worth preserving.

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