Small_dome PSFK was on the scene recently when the global shopping conglomerate Westfield Group opened their latest venture. the project located on San Francisco's iconic Market St was a massive undertaking that reportedly cost more than $450 million(US).

While there were numerous boutique stores and showy set ups, a couple things stood out.The lower level is not only a top notch food court but a full range grocery store. For city dwellers this is kind of interesting. Large grocery stores can be inconveniently placed or hard to get to in large cities due to the space needed to house them. Perhaps placing one in a prime retail spot in a world shopping destination is evidence of something the future holds as more of the population urbanizes.

Another notable element was the opening of the first west coast store for Montreal based fashion label Parasuco. Parasuco is run by founder and Italian born lead designer Salvatore Parasuco. The label is a forward thinking and rather unusual with a growing cult following. With more than thirty years under their belt Parasuco's future is looking brighter all the time as Canada's first international denim label. We made plans to speak further with Parasuco and hope to be bringing you more on them soon.

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