nike+We popped along the Wired magazine pop up store tonight and took some photos of some of the gadgets there - maybe it will give you some ideas for gifts for the festive season.

In no particular order…. MP3 swimming goggles DNA Art A PC laptop (where were the Macs??? -the first of several items we assume were paid for product placements… we don't mind so much, we wish it was just a little more transparent) White big projector… (get a smaller one on eBay) Go on… just do it.

Below – more PCs. None have preloaded in their browsers… Hmmm…. maybe the big fancy paid for ad in the Wired Test mag got a review in the mag and the car in the store. The first of several ‘survival' products on display What do you think she's playing? Yup… the Wii Lots of smiles… A white bike… Meanwhile, over at the Xbox, 2 gamer dudes battle it out… And the Playstation 3 is left alone. Passerbys wonder what it is… Red bike. More bewilderment at the PS3… Spotlight on Nike+ A laptop with preloaded wonder website!! ;) That woman can't believe she's never been to PSFK before. One more life changed. Dog. Speaker. iPod. Zero Blaster… Hydrogen powered car. Pack-Lite. Just in case of darkness… Kiddie video player.

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