Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 december 2006

Business 2.0’s December issue includes their our annual How to Succeed guide,
where they asked 50 CEOs, VCs, Nobel Prize winners, and other
business folk what advice they would give for next
year. Here are links to sample of the interviews:

Sergey Brin on Simplicity
Richard Branson on Saying No
Chad Hurley on How to Launch a Killer Startup
Kevin Rose on Letting the Users Run the Show
Stephen Covey on Moral Authority
Edgar Bronfman Jr. on Learning From Worker Gripes
Muhammad Yunus on Seeking Big Rewards in Small Ideas
Reed Hastings on Turning Weakness into a Strength
Vinod Khosla on Going Green
Craig Newmark on Trusting Your Customers
Philip Rosedale on Virtual Economies
Fred Wilson on Blogging
Stewart Butterfield on Working for More than Just Money
Brad Garlinghouse on Minding the Mainstream
Joe Kraus on How to Get Bought by Google
Tim O’Reilly on Putting Yourself at the Center of the Action
Marc Benioff on Being Disruptive


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