The French design duo Kuntzel + Deygas has been doing groundbreaking digital video work since 1990.  One of their more recent projects includes the snazzy Catch Me If You Can opening sequence, but the duo are frequently engaged in much more unconventional projects.  The Paris-based duo have just released a 64-page, full-color book highlighting many of the projects the pair have tackled in recent years.  Both French and English versions are available.

The partnership describes its work as Drawing + motion + photo + objects + video + print + dance + set design + CG effects, and they insist on connections with the plus sign, to indicate that We can jump from simplicity to sophistication. In any case, they do more than design: in almost every case, they create lively, engrossing characters that tell a story, whether the client is a musician like Beatrice Ardisson or Bertrand Burgalet, or a product like YSL perfume, British HSBC Bank or Coca-Cola Japan. The stars of this publication are the irresistible team of dogs, Caperino & Peperone, who scamper over the products of French style merchant Colette. An inspiring journey into the minds of a unique partnership, Kuntzel + Deygas.

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