Coke is a brand that’s renowned for its marketing prowess. The fact that Coca-Cola is the second most popular word in the world is testament to the this. However, in recent years Coke’s advertising has been pretty dreary and its Coke Zero work was pretty awful.

This ad, by Mother, with its subtle nod to Amelie and other cultural references looks to buck the trend. I’m not sure how you’d describe the style of cinematography but I like it.

The press release says:

“All shot in two motion control passes, the camera takes us on a seamless journey from inside the house to a park area outside. The path is illustrated by a bluebird and the signature glass bottle of Coca Cola, which is initially passed to a jogger, then on to other characters including a business woman, tramp and a child playing outside. With the help of music written especially by Jack White of The White Stripes, the viewer is fluidly transported from one character to another and finally back to our lead girl, re-enforcing the title ‘What goes around comes around’.”

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