Product Design: Teague

Product Design: Teague
Design & Architecture
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 9 january 2007

Design-Emotion have a very interesting interview with John Barratt who runs Teague. Teague creates some outstanding design for brands like Samsung, Boeing and Texaco. Here’s an interesting excerpt when he discusses the merits of collaboration:

I believe today’s problems are terribly complex, involving social, cultural, technological and design trends. Within this context creating compelling emotional experiences requires much more expertise than any one firm can offer – I truly believe that. In recognition of that our Collaboration 2.0 approach that I mentioned earlier has been a real help, When we employ that approach our role becomes one of synthesizers, pulling in experts from different fields to work alongside us and our clients to address these complex issues. This pooled knowledge is powerful, and gets us closer to being able to create culturally relevant and emotionally engaging products.

design & emotion – John Barratt

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