RFID: A Physical World Hyperlink

RFID: A Physical World Hyperlink
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  • 9 january 2007

Already a standard in Japan and South Korea, RFID technology is about to revolutionize the way American consumers shop.

Last week, the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent to Scanbuy for a “System and method for decoding and analyzing barcodes using a mobile device”. The software works on any handheld device with a camera and internet connection and uses the camera to read the barcode, then connects the device’s web browser to the corresponding web site. What this enables, which we think is very significant – is the connection of physical objects to the internet – a Physical World Hyperlink.

It works like this – the barcode image is acquired via the digital camera, software enhances the barcode image and decodes the information it contains. The barcode information is then transmitted to a server via a wireless network. The server processes the barcode information and transmits media content related to the barcode back to the mobile device.

The implications for this are huge, and not just limited to getting the best deal while at the market! It opens the doors for all types of media. Simply by pointing at a 2D code with a camera phone, consumers can instantly connect with posters, billboards, magazines, newspapers, food packaging, businesscards, city guides, and maps.

ScanBuy Shopper

GizMag: ScanBuy – barcode software on your camera phone creates the Physical World Hyperlink

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