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We just got our hands on the preview issue of Antenna, a fresh new fashion and culture mag published in New York. They are claiming to be a “survival guide...

Jeff Squires
  • 27 february 2007

We just got our hands on the preview issue of Antenna, a fresh new fashion and culture mag published in New York.  They are claiming to be a “survival guide for smart people who realize that every buying decision is made better with more options.”  From the looks of it they could be right. 

Bunching together the latest and greatest products that belong in your closet, car, or pocket, they organize everything alphabetically, provide realistic photos, and even include the prices and locations where you can buy it all.  Be it Air Jordans, condoms, skate decks, digital cameras, or key chains, Antenna looks to be the definitive source for comparisons.  They also have some great profiles of the people who define the products they list, including designers, storeowners, and collectors.

The intro pretty much sums up their attitude:

As you can see from this first look at Antenna, we aren’t chasing fleeting trends that we read about in some Japanese magazine, nor are we sending coded messages – urban, suburban, wearing a turban, whatever – to attract a particular demographic.  We’re about the product itself, and Antenna will display it in the manner the creators intended.  Meaning: none of the "concept shoots" that make everything look ridiculous.

The Premier Issue is scheduled to hit the racks August 2007.  But, we’ll have plenty of the preview issues lying around the conference next Tuesday, so buy a ticket and pick up a copy while you’re there!


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