Ever wonder how brands end up with their names? Ping Mag has an insightful interview with Scott Milano, head of the Verbal Identity department for Interbrand, a Tokyo based brand management company. In the interview, Scott divulges on the creative process involved with selecting a name that captures a brands essence and works on a global level.

So what does your department of Verbal Identity provide?

The bulk of our business is developing brand names and brand statements, like slogans. We have several key stages like in any consulting job or advertisement agency: it starts with a briefing where we get all the concepts whether it’s a product or a company and how far they want to stretch it, like whether the product is going into other categories. Then we pull it in our own world and get into the discovering stage: we come up with all sorts of concepts and do some background research. Again: we don’t create products, we create ideas that go on products or ideas that go into companies.

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