A while ago on PSFK we posted on a new Innocent ad which we thought was ‘rather odd'. Well it turns out it wasn't actually an Innocent ad at all. Dan Germain the Innocent creative director picks up the story:

“A little while ago, a Swedish agency called Peacock visited our office in Copenhagen to offer their services. They'd even made an advert, which has since been named ‘suicidal orange'. It's really good, but maybe not quite us.

“After we met them, they posted it on youtube. We posted it on our own blog too, seeing as we liked it. We wanted to see what people thought of it. Some of our readers liked it and some didn't. Then the other day I noticed that the clip had gradually started to appear on advertising blogs (some links at the bottom of this post), some of which falsely credited us with producing it, which of course is unfair on the people at Peacock (can't find a URL for them anywhere).”

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