Henry Lambert
  • 3 april 2007

One of our favourite bloggers, John Grant, has launched a brand new blog to help find inspiration and share thoughts on his latest book project, the Green Marketing Manifesto. Here’s a typical post (apologies for quoting in full):

“I’ve been trying to make personal use of all the research & new information that I’ve been collecting for the book. So far I have;
– stopped drinking bottled mineral water
– bought Co-op bank eco-insurance for my (hybrid) car
– instituted an anti-foreign conference policy (if I cant get the train there and its not world-changing I wont go)

“It’s the last one which will both significantly dent my carbon footprint and my income. But if I didnt do so many conference appearances then I’d have time to more regular work, or indeed have more time to play with my son & eat icecream.

“This week I think it’s time to switch to a green energy supplier. the trouble is according to the FT we may have run out of available green energy so I may have to go for one which includes home generation or future capacity building.

“The other appalling shortfall is on local, seasonal food; it’s almost impossible to get in any local shop I’ve found large or small, so I think it’s going to be a box delivery service thing, probably the one to do next week.

“It’s not about being perfect or even being ‘green’ in the hippy lifestyle sense, it’s just that once you know more you want to do more. I suspect my major contribution to climate change will be if I can influence the business and marketing and creative communities a bit and have a few ideas of my own which make a difference. But you cant neglect the personal thing. It’s also actually its brilliant research for my book because it gives me insights into the decision process, triggers & etc.”

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