Wendy Dembo interviews artist/graphic designer and tattoo artist Scott Campbell about translating his personal art into successful advertising campaigns. Laurie...

PSFK Conference Interview: Handmade – Art Into Advertising (Scott Campbell)

Scott Campbell talks about translating his personal art into successful advertising campaigns. Laurie Rosenwald joins Scott and Wendy Dembo at the end of this clip for a panel discussion on handmade art.

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About the speakers: SCOTT CAMPBELL Scott Campbell is an artist whose talents are rooted in tattooing, but in recent years he has broadened his horizons and forged a blazing reputation in the advertising, illustration, fashion, and fine-art worlds. His client list includes Maserati, Camel, Nike, Volkswagen, Marc Jacobs and many more. A New Orleans native, Scott grew up immersed in the rich history andornamentation that defines the city, and which still serves as much ofhis inspiration. After studying biochemistry at the University of Texas, Austin, he fled the South and ended up in San Francisco, where he began tattooing the occasional trusting friend.Quickly gaining recognition as a formidable force on the scene, his talents opened doors at the finest tattoo studios worldwide. He packed up his inks and spent the next few years traveling and collecting inspiration.In 2001 he fell in love with New York, and finally set anchor again. Campbell opened Saved Tattoo in 2004, which has already become an institution in the tattoo community and has served as a lightning-rod for his various creative ventures. Video kindly sponsored by Renegade.

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