Murketing has a great interview with Steve Lambert, CEO of Anti-Advertising Agency. AAA is on a mission to combat the growing pervasiveness of Urban Spam and has co-opted the tools and structures of advertising and PR industries to do it. Murketing caught up with AAA to find out a bit more about their goals, philosophies and even toss around the idea of collaborating with Christian Evangelicals.

Responding to which AAA project has had the most success, Steve had this to say:

I don’t really know for sure. Our goal is rather tough to measure — to cause the public to re-examine advertising and the role it plays in public space. But I think we reach that goal with anyone who spends more than a moment looking at our work. It’s some measure of success if they look at it at all. And if they do, how much do they take away? This is what I dwell on when I think of “success.”

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