Low-in claims of course remain important, but “dieting” and “weight loss” are becoming somewhat outmoded and marginalised, and many leading brands are being repositioned. Where the emphasis was once on dieting and weight loss, it is now more likely to be lifestyle focused and geared towards weight management.

Unilever’s Slim-Fast brand, long associated with weight loss meal replacement programmes, has recently been repositioned in the UK with the introduction of Slim-Fast Hunger Shot. This is a chilled, yogurt-based drink sold in a 100g bottle, using a combination of fibre and protein to “help you want to eat less”. Each “shot” delivers 54 calories, with just 0.2g fats and 6g fibre. Hunger management is the focus now, with brands such as these helping consumers to control their appetite and thus make a useful contribution to weight management via reduced snacking between meals. The fibre + protein formulation is not new, of course, but the very clear repositioning of a former diet brand is worthy of note.

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