New York based design agency GH avisualagency has created a beautiful multi-screen video wallpaper called ‘Nokia in Wonderland‘ for the Nokia flagship store. Ideally providing the viewer a calming experience, the video slowly pans through a spectrum of ‘Lord of the Rings’ like earthly environments, enhanced with soothing sounds of nature.

According to GHava’s site:

Nokia in Wonderland is a hallmark of GH avisualagency’s foray into the concept of environmental therapy. A breathtaking panorama of lush landscapes and organic textures, the piece provides the viewer with an escape from urban stress and density. Renowned sound designer Brian Emrich’s (Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Phone Booth, One Hour Photo) ambient soundtrack further heightens the experience of being transported to another world, a place filled with intoxicating greenery, spectacular vistas, and exotic wildlife.

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