Thanks to all those folks who've mentioned the PSFK Conference London. Makes us happy.

Thanks to all those folks who’ve mentioned the PSFK Conference London. Makes us happy:

Ian Sohn – chap who’s just moved to the Windy City Beeker – lady who’s going to teach us at the conference Charles Frith – Nomad planner and official blogger on the day Simon Law – will be in Virginia but wishes us his best Grant McCracken – researching if the Warsaw favorite tipple really does taste like Apple Pie Jeremy Ettinghausen – Man of words and books of words Northern Planner – lives down south and will be an official blogger on the day Hugh MacLeod – Mr Chaos who will also recount great stories about wine on the day Floyd Hayes – cunning cough, cough Faris Yakob – who will join Beeker on the Insights panel Aki Spicer – sending us love from Fallon Minneapolis Dan Hon – who will give us his mind candy on the day around ARG John Grant – who’ll be sitting on the green panel Rob Fields – we want to hear him play his rock and roll one day Anton & Sam – cheeky ad lads who will also be officially blogging on the day Ian McCallam – PSFK’s first ever contributor (from Madrid) Doug Jaeger – happy, happy, happy Abe Burmeister – currently injecting creative brilliance into Wall Street (& can’t speak before 10am) Ross Cidlowski – trends meister, futurist Steve Poppe – Giving us some 5-gees Creative Social Blog – providing some speakers too

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